WaterQueen Water Faucet Filtration System, Advanced Water Faucet Mount Filter, Soften Hard Water, Improve Taste, Suitable for Kitchen and Bathroom Water filter



Efficient filtration: the faucet water filter to effectively remove impurities and some unhealthy substances in the water, filter out unpleasant odors and soften hard water.

Health protection: The filtered water is clean and delicious, making your Coffee and tea taste better. It is suitable for cooking, cleaning fruits and vegetables, protecting the safety of family members, suitable for pregnant women, infants and the elderly with poor resistance.

Save resources rapid water flow Can meet your water demand, so that you do not need to buy bottled water, which can not only save resources, but also can obtain fresh and clean drinking water.

Unique design: the faucet filter has two outlets, you can turn the switch to control it, to control whether your water filtered through the filter. Ergonomic swivel-unique design, easily switch between quality pure water. Easy to install, no tools required

warm prompt only suitable for most standard faucet,do not full pull-out, hand-held, spray style or faucets with sensor.Please carefully Compare the faucet model before purchasing.

Would you like to have a glass of clear water?

In many cities, the quality of water is very bad.

There are many impurities, smells and even particulate matter in the water.

Many of us are often troubled by these trouble.

I believe that our faucet filters will solve these problems. After filtering, our Water quality will be better and will be healthier

Product features
Efficient filtration

The tap filter can filter out the bad taste, retain the beneficial minerals, produce cleaner and more delicious water,

so that you and your family can enjoy the safety brought by healthy water, enjoy the delicious dishes brought by clean water.

Usage: Our faucet filter also apply to hot water, It won't shorten its life by being used in hot water.

The Water Faucet Filtration System is replaced approximately six months, usage time depends on usage.

Save resources: Using faucet filters instead of buying bottled water can not only save money, but also save resources.

When there is no filter, a family needs to drink a large amount of bottled water every year,

which results in the waste of many water bottles. choosing a filter is your wise choice.

Bring health to the whole family and provide long-term protection for the family.

I believe that buying this faucet filter will not disappoint you, and the faucet filter will definitely bring you surprises.

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